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#1 Miami Violinist


Kostia creates an extraordinary musical experience that captures the audience with his unmatched energy, charisma and passion. From private/corporate events to festivals and concerts, he will make it truly memorable, tailoring each performance to a variety of audiences. What makes Kostia unique is the combination of classical music skills and professionalism with an innovative contemporary vision and improvisation, revolutionizing the approach to his instrument and musical showmanship.


Kostia and his brother Marki joined forces during the war in Ukraine to bring solace and comfort to refugees in their hometown Chernivtsi. These brothers have been collaborating since they were young boys, but most recently have created a powerful duo that have brought many charitable donations to Ukrainian soldiers, mothers, children and other people in need through various benefit concerts. 

#1 Miami Violinist
#1 Miami Violinist


Kostia and various collaborators provide high-class performances of the most popular classical music. They present a diverse repertoire in an inclusive and engaging atmosphere, their energy, raw talent, and unique interpretations captivate audiences.


Kostia and his band are an incredible addition to any event. This project is exceptionally distinctive, featuring a prominent violin lead in an instrumental ensemble that reimagines popular hits with a fresh and unique sound. The band is a big success with the audiences because of the raw energy and spontaneous surprises, making each show a truly unforgettable experience.

#1 Miami Violinist
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