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#1 Miami Violinist
#1 Miami Violinist

Kostia and his fusion powerhouse, Lucky Band, are a dynamic ensemble that brings a fresh, innovative approach to live music. Hailing from the esteemed Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, this group of seasoned jazz virtuosos seamlessly combines their diverse backgrounds and exceptional talents to create an unparalleled sonic experience.

At the core of this exceptional ensemble is Kostia Lucky, a virtuoso violinist whose mastery of the instrument lends a distinctive voice to the band's sound. Together with the formidable lineup of Kevin Venier on guitar, Andy Ranieri on bass, and Brenten Handfield on drums, Lucky Band ventures into uncharted musical territory, reimagining popular hits, jazz fusion classics, rock anthems, and soulful melodies.

What sets Kostia & Lucky Band apart is their instrumental virtuosity, which takes center stage in their performances. This instrumental focus, guided by Kostia's violin artistry, grants the band's renditions a unique and unforgettable quality. Their music is not just heard; it's felt. Audiences are consistently captivated by the sheer energy and unexpected twists that define every performance. The fusion of raw passion and masterful musicianship results in an electrifying live experience, leaving listeners craving more. From the familiar to the entirely reimagined, Lucky Band's repertoire promises a journey through music that is both exhilarating and emotionally resonant.

Whether gracing the stage of a renowned jazz club or headlining a vibrant festival, Kostia Lucky & Lucky Band leave an indelible mark on every venue they encounter. With an innate ability to connect with audiences on a profound level, they turn each show into a transcendent musical encounter. For an event that demands the extraordinary, Kostia Lucky & Lucky Band stand ready to deliver an experience that defies convention creating an unforgettable experience for all their audiences.

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