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You’ve never heard a violin sound like this

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Experience the captivating artistry of Kostia Lucky, a world-renowned violinist and charismatic entertainer, whose performances redefine the essence of musical expression. With decades of professional experience including thousands of performances and acclaimed international awards, Kostia seamlessly merges classical virtuosity with a contemporary vision, reinventing the violin's allure.

Across diverse genres, Kostia's magnetic stage presence and unparalleled skill enchant audiences worldwide. His performances are a fusion of passion, innovation, and soulful melodies, breathing new life into the timeless instrument.

Each moment orchestrated by Kostia is a testament to his dedication and passion, resonating deeply with people from all walks of life.  With every performance, he brings joy and energy
that his audiences never forget!

Violin and Music Sheet


"My philosophy as a musician is a little different. To me, music isn't the ultimate destination; rather, it's the vehicle through which I reach my true objective: stirring my audience's emotions. Every time I perform, I aim to create beautiful moments, infusing each note with the depths of my heart and soul."



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